Virtual Races

How does a virtual race work?

Following the regrettable Covid-19 cancellation of races, we have decided to join the global trend and create virtual running events. These events are purposed at keeping the race calendar ticking while supporting the local clubs who are left without income. Participants from all over can virtually compete, run with and compare with each other during our races. Race dates will be provided and participants will be required to run and complete their race on the same day. 

Anybody can join in on the fun. You can choose to run a distance of your choice. 

The only requirement for virtual races in South Africa (provided by ASA) is that you should be registered with your federation. Therefore if you have your ASA licence for 2020, you may legally be entered for any virtual race. Runners who do not have ASA licences will be required to buy temporary licences.

How do I enter for a virtual race?

1. Register your profile

You can register your profile on the EventEntry website. This needs to be done only once. A profile will allow us to display your results after the race.

2. Enter for the race

After successful profile registration you should enter for the race/races of your choice. When your entries are complete and paid up, you are ready to run your race.

3. Run your race

Race with your normal running attire, activity/fitness device or simply try something new. Choose your own route and your own waterpoints. Be sure to hydrate.

4. Enter your result

Access your profile on the EventEntry website and log your race results in the space provided. Your results can now be compared with the rest of the field.

5. View the results

After successfully submitting your results you may proceed to the results page where you can compare your results to other runners of the virtual race.